I’ve got a couple hours to kill while waiting for new brakepads to be put on my car, and figured I should check in on my finances. So, how has the slower moving travelling impacted the budget so far? Pretty well actually.

In 2 months I’ve spent $4500NZD (roughly $3700CAD), for everything. That includes $2000 for my car alone, which I hopefully will be able to recoup most of the money for, so the actual ‘travel’ expenses has been a more reasonable $2500NZD, or roughly $50/day. That still is quite a bit higher than what I’d like to see (since it would come to over $18,000/year, when my ideal is closer to $12,000NZD), but a lot of that still includes initial costs that I paid out in Auckland – setting up cell phone ($40), setting up internet ($80), car insurance ($150), etc. After my first 10 days in Auckland, I’ve spent a much more reasonable $1500($30/day = $11,000!) . The highest consistent cost? Gas – around $650 worth so far. I’ve done nearly 3200km on my car already, so that adds up quickly. Adding in the, so far, expected maintenance (tires and brakes), it’s been well over $1K of car related expenses. Still, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a car again given the option to go back and have the choice between my own car or using buses.  The car is just SO much more convenient to see everything, and the amount of hikes I’ve done along already number probably well over 25 that I never would have been able to do without access to a vehicle. New Zealand just begs to be explored – a car allows that.

Here’s a pretty pie chart, initial car cost removed:


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