Not much ado about anything

With the mornings consisting of working around the hostel and my afternoons being filled with swimming at the local pool, walking around town, or simply lazing about the hostel, there really isn’t much new to talk about lately. It’s been a pretty nice break from the travel, and it is very easy to get complacent in a place like The Bug. The people are very friendly and warm, so it will be a tough place to leave after settling in for 6 weeks. But leave I must…in just over 1 week now I’ll start moving once again. For at this point my time in New Zealand is coming to an end – I’ve got just under 2 months left now!

The Bug

I’ve been staying and working in Nelson the past 4 weeks now, so I figure it’s time to write about where I’m staying and working. Part of the delay has been the picture backlog presented by the last few posts (okay, the Toothpick didn’t take long). Part of the delay has been me enjoying doing nothing. Nothing at all! It’s a wonderful life doing nothing for stretches at a time. After a while it can get boring, but then you go do something and you look forward to doing nothing again.

I’m working at a hostel called ‘The Bug’. Yes, that kind of Bug.

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There is always a reason…

Posts should resume in a day or two. Unexpected hiking took place, which will add to the upcoming tales which include:

  • Glaciers
  • Seals
  • Beaches
  • A Volkswagon Bug/Beetle
  • Sunshine!!!!!!!!!!
  • My life being threatened multiple times (in a playful manner…I assume)
  • A Great Walk
  • A New Job

Stay tuned…

Hiatus the Third

After a wonderful 2 weeks with my parents, I’m bounding off to the Abel Tasman Great Walk (and kayak paddle!), so the already slow updates will be delayed until at least after the weekend! Until later!

The Town of Gold

After back to back Great Walks, I had finished off all of my goals for the south end of the South Island – Great Walks, Paragliding, extra walks…all finished! So I pretty much had a week or so to relax, kick up my feet, and enjoy the surroundings. As luck would have it, the weather decided to do nothing but shine sun on me for most of those days. It was cold at night, but the days were glorious.

So rather than relax in Queenstown, a notably non-relaxing place for me (too many people/tourists), I traveled up the road a bit to quaint Arrowtown.

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Ranking the Fergburgers


If there is one thing synonymous with food in Queenstown, it is Fergburger. And having been in Queenstown quite often, I’ve been presented with many opportunities to sample Fergburger’s diverse and delightful options. In the interests of science, I have tasked myself with cover Ferg’s menu as much as I could. While I haven’t tried EVERYTHING on the menu, I’ve had enough to at least quantify my experiences here.

First thing you need to know about Fergburger, is that these are BIG burgers.

Second, is that they use amazingly good, high quality ingredients.

Third, and most importantly, they use magic and possibly mystical beings to create the wonderfully diverse tastes.

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Months in the Making

While the posts will continue over the next few days (yay for post-scheduling abilities!), I’m actually going to be hiking on the world-renowned Milford Track, starting….well now. It’s a 4 day, 3 night, 54km trek that starts at one end of Lake Te Anau, and ends up dropping you into the Milford Sound. I made my booking over 4 months ago, and so I’m very excited to get out there. The track has a lot to live up to – a hike doesn’t get labelled ‘The Finest Walk in the World’ for no reason. Do I think it can actually live up to it’s storied reputation? No (I have my doubts that it will surpass the Tongariro in my books). But I would love to be wrong.

Soon to be updated once again!

After bidding adieu to Sabrina, Alexandra and Marc at the Queenstown airport, I’ve got a few days of doing a lot of sitting around, relaxing, and pouring over my numerous photos of the last 2.5 weeks. So that means updates will once again be resuming! In a day or two at least. For now, I’m going to go find some ice cream. 🙂