Always learning

One of the perks when I was working as an engineer was that I had some disposable income, therefore, I didn’t always choose the cheapest option at the supermarket. One case would be for fish – I’d get nice salmon fillets (or other fish fillets if something else was interesting looking/on sale) when I wanted fish, and cook them up at home (mmmmmm Maple-Glazed Salmon…). I still have cravings for fish down here in NZ, so I’ve turned to the less expensive alternatives which I have considerably less experience with. Canned fish. So far:

Canned Tuna – Inexpensive, goes well with many things, easy to prepare and dispose of. Comes with a variety of sauces/seasoning/mixes. Smell reminds me of cat food. I’ve used canned tuna in sandwiches, pastas, eaten straight, etc. Versatile. I can understand its popularity!

Canned Salmon – Inexpensive, though a costs a little more than tuna, salmon normally is my favourite fish, easy to prepare and dispose of. Comes in ‘normal’ or ‘smoked’, and also reminds me of cat food. I tried using canned salmon for the first time tonight. Turns out as a bonus it is RIDDLED WITH BONES (well, vertebrae cartilage to be exact – yay calcium!).

My Salmon-Alfredo Penne pasta didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped.

*crunch crunch crunch*

Around Rotorua

After my night on the coast near Whakatane I returned to Rotorua. This time however I opted for a hostel. I didn’t really feel like freezing at night again. Even though it was Friday morning I wasn’t concerned about finding a hostel, I wanted to do some hiking! Along the way there are the Okere Falls. These were actually nothing too impressive, though the nearby Tutea Falls holds a bit more interest:

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The road to Whakatane

I had been in Napier for 8 days now – it was time to head out. The morning of my departure I didn’t have a certain direction so I just picked one at relative random given my location – Mt. Ruapehu. I’d try snowboarding in New Zealand before the ski slopes closed. While there a few days, I’d look for my next WWOOF/HelpX host in the centers of Taupo or Rotorua, 1-2 hours to the north of Mt. Ruapehu. As I piled my stuff into my car, my phone rang. It was a call-back from a telephone interview I had for the day before – I got the position, starting in 4 days! Since I’d be working in the shadow of Mt. Ruapehu and would have numerous chances to hit the slopes before the season closed in November, I quickly changed my plans…and checked the weather forecast for Whakatane. You may recall that Whakatane was where I attempted to step foot onto an active marine volcano, but the weather cancelled the tours. Forecast – Sunny, clear, calm winds and warm. Off I went.

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Take me out to the ball-game…

One of the things I had looked forward to doing while in Napier was to see my very first Rugby game, and one that featured Canada to boot. I avoided buying a ticket before getting to Napier, just in case I didn’t make it in time to see a game. It turned out I was in town 7 days before the game against Japan, so I had lots of time to get everything in order. One problem – the game sold out 2 days before I got to Napier!

So I tried my best to find a ticket before the game – I scoured the internet for tickets, I went back to the ticket agent in Napier daily, just in case more tickets became available, and I asked around at the hostel and posted a notice on their board. All to no avail. No tickets were forthcoming.

After looking for 7 days, it was 3 hours before kickoff and I was still without a ticket. So now it was to the old fashioned way – standing outside the stadium and hope to find someone with an extra ticket. Since I disliked the idea of constantly yelling to find a ticket, I created a simple billboard using the cardboard of one of my granola bar boxes. I just wish I took a picture of the thing, it was a work of art. This is a close recreation.

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