The Blue Mountains – 3 Sisters

The most famous spot in the Blue Mountains sits at the cliffs of the town of Katoomba, the hub of activity and tourism for the National Park. Tam and I stayed in one of the quieter towns nearby, but ate a tasty Crocodile pizza dinner in Katoomba one night. But while in Katoomba we also did make sure to take in the sights. Most of that was done by car, taking the scenic Cliff Drive.

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Chinese New Year, Sydney Style

The Chinese Year Year celebrations in Sydney are said to be the largest in the world outside of China itself. Naturally I wanted to get in on the action a little bit!

It all started off the night before at the Star Casino, which featured a lion dance and traditional ceremony. I just happened to be there for that one, so I didn’t have my camera at the read. The next day was a planned activity: take in the parade!

It was a night time parade so Tam, myself and a few friends made our way to the end area of the parade in hopes of things being a bit quieter there. Not so much, but we managed to luck into a pretty nice and high vantage point in a bar.

While we waited for the parade to start we got to enjoy a cold beverage and avoid the crowds. After several delays, the Lions started to show up, heralding the start of the parade!

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