One Last Stop

Despite receiving and accepting a job offer back in Sydney, I still had a few days to kill so I continued doing what I do best – travelling! I made it nearly as far north as the New South Wales / Queensland Border – I found myself after another train trip in Byron Bay, a backpacker mecca on the East Coast.

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Jumping for Joy

Leaving Canberra behind I headed back to Sydney, where I had a couple important meetings awaiting me. But again, I’ll come to those, just like I’d be coming back to Sydney a little later. Instead, a few days later I found myself on a train again, this time heading up the East Coast of Australia. I was headed to Coffs Harbour.

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I’m going to come back in a few days to continue updates – I’ve got a lot on my plate right now so this will be on the backburner. Stay tuned though, I’ve still got Parliament, hikes in Canberra, a Giant Banana and Byron Bay to go…and then lots and lots about Sydney!



After returning to Perth I had a decision to make – where to next? There really only remained on major part of Australia that I have yet to see. The East Coast. Actually the most populated and popular tourist area of Australia, I still had not seen a lick of the famous Sydney to Cairns stretch. I decided that would be my next destination, but before then I had a few days in Perth to kill. I grabbed my shoes and headed West.

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