Austin 2009

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Arrived in Austin mid-day on Sunday. It was kind of warm! My cozy hotel room. On Wednesday after work I headed down to a huge public pool that is fed by natural spring water, called Barton Springs. Which meant, it's cold! And very refreshing when it's 40C out.
Wandering around Barton Springs area (this is near downtown Austin) More of Barton Springs On my 'Nova is paying me to be a tourist' day, I started off by going to one of the highest points in Austin, Mt. Bonnell. More like a hill (~250 feet high above Austin's elevation). Great views though, you can see Austin in the distance.
A view south from Mt. Bonnell. West. And sorta NW.
Some of the houses below the mountain. Who needs a driveway when you have your own canal/dock? These houses just looked kind of rich. Cactus! Zilker park, a huge park near downtown Austin (Barton Springs is a part of this park). Also included was a botanical garden.
Canopy tree and Koi pond. After seeing them, I had sushi for lunch. No, I did not eat the Koi. They were too quick.
More of Zilker. Don't mind the dinosaur. Probably put there to keep the kiddies (and me) entertained.
Off to the Texas Capitol building. In a word, BIG. Looking down towards Austin. Inside the Capitol.
The other side of the Capitol. They added a lot of offices to the Capitol building at some point. The odd thing was, not wanting to change the landscape, all of the offices added are underground. Another view of the Capitol building.
Peace Keepers Memorial. Texas, where even the trees lean right. Okay, so this isn't in Texas, but I did have a fun ferry-boat ride coming back to Canada!
The other ferry-boat, and the Canadian dock! Finally, a couple of odd things I got for change while in Texas. The American version of a loonie, and a $2 bill. Both seem fake to me, but wiki says they are real, and wiki knows all...  
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Description: Business trip to Austin, July 12-17, 2009
Location: Austin

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