Chicago 2008

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Right outside Union Station, you have to cross the river to get to the downtown area called The Loop. Looking up, I saw the Sears Tower. So I decided to go up to the observation deck. Looking North.
Looking East, out to Lake Michigan. I got hungry. Some of Chicago's famous stuffed pizza. It was darn tasty. And heavy.
Looking back at the Sears Tower. The Art Institute of Chicago In Millenium Park
On a river boat tour. Some of the buildings are just incredible. Not only in immense size, but unique designs too.
Oval / football shaped on the river side, this building is rectangular on the other side. Some buildings gave off great reflections.
Interesting parking / condo. Looking back at the city of Chicago from where the river meets the lake.
In Millenium Park. Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park, when it was quiet, the day before Lollapalooza. A tour of Chicago commerce took me to see a fancy dome inside the old Chicago Public Library.
Then to a Macy's, which was just massive (not all floors are for the Macy's, but a lot were). The Macy's also sported this incredible vaulted ceiling. Apparently 1.6 million pieces of glass to make this. The Palmer House Hilton Hotel, very fancy.
Later, I walked up the Magnificent Mile to the Hancock Center. Facing south to the Loop area / Downtown Chicago
Soldier Field, home of the Bears. Another side of Soldier Field. Adler Planetarium
Looking back from the Planetarium to Chicago. Field Museum.
After the first night of Lollapalooza, went to a Blues bar with Sabrina and Lisa. McCormick Convention Center. My hotel, the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place.
Food and Culture tour. In Old Town. A sign in a oil tasting shop.
Candy shop! Seen outside Oz park. More pizza! This was even better than the first one I had.
The fountains at Millenium Park. Chicago's famous Michigan Avenue "street-wall", looking South. The Bean. Apparently really called Cloud Gate, but ya, it looks like a giant bean.
Chicago's Michigan Avenue Street-wall, looking North. Looking south from the north end of the Magnificent Mile. Wrigley Field!
Couldn't see a game, but got a tour of the entire field. A look from the bleachers. The famous ivy wall.
It's historic scoreboard. It can't fit all the active games. Still operated manually. Standing on the Cubs on-deck circle on the field. A look at the field from the backstop. 400 feet to dead center.
A look from some of the box seats. Great view of the entire field. And finally, a look from the press box.  
Photos 1 - 56 out of 56 | Back to Albums
Description: Toured around Chicago over the August long weekend, in between Lollapalooza.
Location: Chicago

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