Cleveland? 2009

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My hotel room, Holiday Inn Express in downtown Cleveland. King sized beds are great! Lots of pillows to build a fort. Jacuzzi tub too, it was a nice room. Wandering around Cleveland during the weekend. Not pictured: The temperature. It was about -20C (before windchill) when I did this....I do believe I have no sense when it comes to temperature. This was also the only day with bright blue skys and no trace of snow. Probably because it was too. freaking. cold.
Browns stadium. Sadly, the Browns suck, so there were no playoff games going on. The Science Center
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Cleveland skyline The Rock and Roll hall of fame, after visiting it. They don't allow photos *at all* inside. Sucky. And unfortunately, my camera isn't small enough to smuggle in. That, and the numerous security people they had posted around was a pretty good deterent. Neat place otherwise, lots to see. My favourite things were the original versions lyrics they had for several bands/singers. Many were scribbled on envelopes, random pieces of paper, napkins, etc...Often, you could see where they scratched out certain phrases/lines and changed them around, really cool! Worth visiting this place, definitely.
A harbour on Lake Erie. Looking out on the frozen tundra that is Lake Erie. Boats aren't going anywhere anytime soon.
The largest building in Cleveland, the Key Bank building. Inside an Arcade, downtown Cleveland. Nice spot, dead quiet. Public square, downtown Cleveland at night.
The nearby Ritz-Carlton hotel. A little church right in the downtown square area.  
Photos 1 - 17 out of 17 | Back to Albums
Description: An all expenses paid, 2 week business trip to...Cleveland? Wasn't exactly balmy weather, but I still drag my camera around a bit during the weekend.
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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