Drive Across the USA – July 2011

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Our travel path: Michigan we crossed during the evening and stopped for the first night in Kalamazoo. The first full day of driving we went from Kalamazoo, skirted Chicago and drove across Wisconsin into Minnesota, where we stopped for the night at Worthington. The second day we drove into South Dakota, made a detour for Mt. Rushmore, and finished near the north end of Wyoming in Sheridan. The third full day of driving we crossed Montana and the Rockies, stopped by Couer d'Alene on the lake for a stretch and spent the night near Spokane. The final day we covered the last stretch of land in Washington, took the ferry from Anacortes to Victoria, and arrived in Nanaimo at around 730pm, just in time for dinner! Looking out across the plains in South Dakota during the middle of the third day. There hadn't been too many picture stops up until here. The plains here were pretty neat though, and there were some small Badland formations around as well. A panoramic shot of the flat grasslands in South Dakota
Near the end of South Dakota we detoured for Mt. Rushmore - we saw the monument from the car, I failed at getting a decent picture, but we also drove through a couple of horribly touristy towns as well. The rest of the park was enjoyable to drive through. Couer d'Alene lake. It was about 28C and sunny - perfect lake weather! Didn't go in the water though, was just stopping for dinner. The hotel at Couer d'Alene, really nice town all round.
The crossing of the Colorado River in Washington State. Didn't see any. Or hear any for that matter. Finally, our destination, the ferry boat back to Canada! This wasn't ours, but ours came soon enough.
They grow their seagulls big on the coast. Lots of Great Blue Herons. Nice clear view of Mt. Baker
And where the ferry went, in between the San Juan islands to get to Victoria, and from there, a 2 hour drive back to Nanaimo!   
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Description: To get from Sarnia to Nanaimo my Dad and I drove across the northern part of the United States. We went through 10 states on the way across: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho...and Washington. Total trip time to get to Nanaimo was just around 4 days total, and we probably averaged about 10 hours of driving/day. Didn't see too much, but did take a few photos!
Location: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington

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