Europe Trip Part 1 – Scotland

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Day 1. The hotel room at the Holiday Inn Express Glasgow. It was a very new hotel, and right beside the bus station. One of the main walking districts in Glasgow. It was quiet at the time that I went out, around 2pm or so. A large muesem in Glasgow I think.
Just an odd looking little building sitting in the middle of the path. The start of the drinking! I have the big one. Cheers!
Nice and cold. The *starter* plate. It was delicious, and had a bit of everything. Wings, salad, onion rings, bread. A good end to the first day in Scotland. Day 2. Edinburgh Castle. From down below, on a double decker bus.
Me and the bottom of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland One of the main halls on the Castle grounds. Me holding a big woodens sword, and looking kinda drunk for some reason.
Hung holding a big sword. Looking down upon the street the bus took earlier. Me infront of the top of the castle.
One of the castle's main walkways (it was a big castle), and in the background, Edinburgh. Looking out over Edinburgh. The pictures are actually a bit misleading, it was raining and dark about half the time. Fire away!
Hung making a prank call. An evil looking church. Really, it's just not clean. Looks like a crown on top.
Me standing on the Royal Mile, a stretch of road that goes from Edinburgh Castle, Scotland's most famous castle, down to the Queen's Estates...I can't remember the name. Back in Glasgow, with a beer to end the day. Day 3. A trip into the Highlands and up to Loch Ness. This is Loch Lomond first.
Me at an outlook at Loch Lomond. Looking out over Loch Lomond. It was a grey and spotty rain day. Hung at Loch Lomond.
Last one of Loch Lomond. Very dreary looking. Glencoe, a famous spot in Scottish history, where the clan Campbell treacherously murdered the clan Macdonald. Another of Glencoe
Me at Glencoe. Whiskey tasting. At 11am. It was fairly strong, to say the least. A Highland Cow! Or 'Eyland Cooooooooooooooo' as the locals say.
Urquhart Castle, on Loch Ness. Not a lot remaining. Walking down to the castle from the infocenter. The yellow plants in the distance smell like Coconut. An old war machine, the Trebuchet.
The castle was not an overly successful one. Anyone who took over seemed to surrender and leave a short time after. It doesn't show up too well, but he waters of Loch Ness are very dark. Picture Guinness dark to get an idea.
The darkness is apparently caused by the peat/soil runoff from all the nearby hills and mountains. And that is why Nessie can't be easily seen. Looking out at Loch Ness. The little boat that went up Loch Ness. Sadly, I did not see Nessie.
A beer to end the day. Tasty. Hung didn't like her drink very much. The pub where we went for our dinner/night cap. It was a huge place, and pretty quiet when we were there. This was where my love for Paninis, and their glorious combination of crunchy, hot, and tastyness was started.
St. George square I believe. Nicely lit up. We found a Keg just sitting out in the open. Hung wanted to take it.  
Photos 1 - 47 out of 47 | Back to Albums
Description: Days 1-3 of my Europe 2007 trip.

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