Hawaii – Days 5-6 – 2008

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Day 5, touring Oahu, the island Honolulu is on. It's not very big, it's easily drivable in a day. First stop, along the south shore.
Great little cove at the second stop. Apparently a lot of movies are filmed down there. The blow hole! That's actually what it's called. Lava rocks on the beach.
Unfortunately didn't get a picture of 2 Aussie girls getting drenched by huge wave. I found it funny, they didn't. Rabbit island. Apparently at one time some rabbits were released on this little island. And then there were lots of rabbits. Wild rooster/chickens. Saw lots of them.
A view from one of the two mountain ranges on Oahu, which were actually dormant volcanoes. Looking down on the Eastern side. Can see the little tunnel we drove through.
Lots of Koi. He looks like he wants to be eaten. Koi must be too sacred to be made into sushi, or must not taste good...because they look tasty to me.
Japanese Budda temple. Chinaman's Hat on the far right. Stop at a Macademia Nut farm, I love the canopy of trees.
Looking at some of the mountains. Kualoa Ranch, where a ton of movies are filmed. Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Lost, etc.. Where I had lunch.
Natural rock formation up on the mountains called the Crouching Lion. A nice bay. A common spot for fishing and a bit of cliff jumping.
The famous North Shore beach. Quiet right now, but in the winter time, this is where the majority of surfing occurs. Apparently can get waves 30-80 (!!) feet in height. Which is nuts. Nice and calm today.
Hiking to a waterfall. Wild peacocks, lots of them out there. The waterfall, and quiet swimming area.
Pineapple farms! Pineapple soft serve icecream at a Dole Plantation. It was very sweet and tasty. Pineapple plants!
Funny coloured tree. Lots o' Koi. Day 6, Polynesian Culture Center
Making fire, using a coconut, and your hands. Did it within seconds too. And then climbing a tree. New Zealand dance and song.
Amusing group participation in the Fiji tent. Canoe show, highlighting all 7 cultures that make up Polynesia. The best part of the day, the audience members trying to drum at the Tonga sight.
Boat ride! Small easter island. Night show at the PCC.
Some dancing. Some glow stick tossing. And lots of fire!
Lots and lots of fire.
Even throwing fired batons quite long distances.
And the finale.   
Photos 1 - 55 out of 55 | Back to Albums
Description: My vacation to Hawaii in September 2008, part 2.
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

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