San Diego 2009

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San Diego! It's San Diego's off season in November, so many places, including the many beaches, are very quiet. Most days were 22-24C and nothing but blue skies. One of the several dog beaches, SD really is a dog city. My parents brought their Labradoodle Maggie down with them, so we went to the dog beach on several occassions. Maggie!
Being part Lab, Maggie should like the water. Being part Poodle, Maggie may not like the water (poodles can be kind of prissy). Unfortunately, Maggie is 3/4 poodle, so my parents up until this point had little success in getting her out into the water. I decided to try. Bag of treats in hand, I lead her out to the water... And the first good wave that hits her, she runs back to shore. Wimp!
So we went to the shallow river nearby, with no more success. She had learned by this point not to trust me in the water with a bag of treats. Maggie chasing after some other dogs. Maggie learned that basset hounds were pretty boring play partners as they aren't exactly quick or high energy dogs. There were many other better playing partners than the hounds. Another Labradoodle (or possibly a Goldendoodle). This one Maggie really liked playing with.
The poodle play style, where they would attack with their front paws. Bouncy bouncy bouncy. They also liked to employ the 'crouch down and pounce' attack as well, somewhat like a cat. Maggie after a good hour at the dog beach. Sea World, at the Sea Lion show.
Sea Lions They even brought out a large (and pretty pink) walrus at the end. The Killer Whale show. Was very impressive.
Big whales. They had 4 performing whales for the show.
That's a person up there being tossed. The dolphin show was unfortunately closed until the new year.
Sharks! Manatees! Little penguins
Big Penguins Polar bears! Beluga Whales
Crossing a bridge to Coronado Island. Hotel Del Coronado, big fancy place. Walking amongst the galleries, museums and theatres in Balboa park.
Outside the Air and Space Museum, impressive piece of military hardware. This is the Blackbird SR-71 (and is the actual plane, not a fake). On the deck of the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier that's been converted to a museum.
A higher look at part of the carrier deck. San Diego's Old town, the initial settlement area.
The San Diego Zoo!
I think this is what you get when you cross a moose and a zebra. Lazy hippos.
Panda ass #1. Panda ass#2. Sleeping is far and away their favourite activity. The big cats!
A helper dog had gone by the cages right before I got there, so some of the cats were pacing at the front of their cages. Snow leopard eating a kid that wandered into the cage.
About the ugliest beast in the zoo. Wallaby Meerkats
Elephants! There were many elephants (10+) wandering around.
The Zebras Koalas. Similar to Pandas, they just sleep.
Hard life of a camel. A wolf that was howling for an audience. Giraffes!
Reaching for some food. A big rhino being fed. The zoo was the last day I was there. All in all, San Diego was a great city to visit and I can myself returning in the future!  
Photos 1 - 62 out of 62 | Back to Albums
Description: A week long trip down to San Diego to visit my parents who were down there for a month, and to get some much needed vacation time. Went to the Zoo, Coronado Island, Sea World, numerous beaches, Balboa Park, and other sites. Beautiful weather almost every day, great city!
Location: San Diego

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