Tassie with Tam, Part 1

So going back in time nearly a year from right now, I’m still at the photos from Tasmania. As a quick recap, I’d been down in Tasmania working to extend my visa in Australia. I’d been down there for about two months when Tam came to visit and travel around Tasmania with me.

We met up in Hobart, with Tam’s flight arriving fairly early in the morning and me taking a bus in from Nubeena. After a big hug and kiss, we got in our rental car and went to our first destination, Mt. Wellington.

Mt. Wellington towers up behind Hobart, but is most remarkable in the fact that it is so shear. The mountain goes from Hobart, right at sea level, to over 1200m high in little time at all. The drive up is very winding and narrow, and the views from the top sensational.

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