The Spit Bridge to Manly Bushwalk

Beyond providing a striking image when you get to the downtown, the Sydney Harbour also provides another great benefit to the city – allowing some excellent bushwalking. One of the most famous bushwalks in the city is the Spit Bridge to Manly Beach walk, a 10km stretch that takes you from a quiet residential area in Northern Sydney all the way to bustling Manly Beach – a great spot to finish a few hours of hiking, as you are once again surrounded by food, ice cream, and get to take a famous ferry back to the downtown.

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Crossing the Coathanger

Pictures don’t really make it look HUGE. Sure, it looks big, but I never felt they made it out to be the monstrosity that it is. I’m talking of course about the Sydney Harbour Bridge, aka theĀ Coathanger. I set out on a grey morning to cross it and do some walking, but first I detoured and let the day warm up a bit. To give you an idea…

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Downtown Sydney

One of the best ways to discover a downtown is via tour, and Sydney offers free guided tours of the downtown, so I happily joined one on a grey late October day (yes, I’m quite behind!).

I had quite a lot of time to kill in the CBD (downtown) before the afternoon tour, so I wandered a bit. First I visited some nice cathedrals and parks.

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