Darling Harbour Fireworks

One thing Australians seem to love are fireworks. Sydney-siders especially have a propensity to watch things explode. I’m not sure where this comes from. Their original origins as prisoners, convicts, troublemakers? Or they just like blowing stuff up. I for one, can’t blame them, they are pretty darn awesome.

While Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks are some of the most well known and famous in the world, that is hardly the only occasion to see a large displace of pyrotechnics. Nearly EVERY Saturday night, a multitude of colour fills the sky above Darling Harbour, adjacent to the CBD/downtown, for 10 or so minutes. It’s quite a sight. Naturally, I wanted to go and find out what the fuss was about.

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Bondi to Coogee with Sculptures by the Sea

Finally got the backend of WordPress running again! Silly update broke something, so took a little longer than I expected…

Anyways, where was I…oh yes, I had arrived in Bondi after a pleasant walk from South Head…but wanted to continue further. I had a tasty mid-afternoon break with fish and chips before continuing south. Here I looked back at Bondi Beach stretching out.

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