I Thought it Would Be Bigger…

The next lovely morning in Coffs Harbour I once again set out for a walk, this time up the coastline and along some of the beautiful nearby beaches.

After walking for a good stretch along the golden sandy beach, highlands and cliffs started popping up, adding variety to the walk.

They didn’t last too long before returning me to beach level. There is actually a large resort sort of hidden down here amongst the trees, and this was the point I decided to head inland. For I figured I had gone North enough to get to my REAL destination that day.

The Big Banana.

It may not look like much in photos…and well, it wasn’t overly special in person either! Australia is known for their odd love of ‘Big Things’. A giant roadside Lobster, a giant Pineapple, and in Coffs Harbour’s case, a Big Banana. This was apparently one of the first ‘Big Things’ in Australia, and remains one of the most well known. But people don’t just come for the view of a giant banana…there is so much more! Including (inexplicably to me), an ice skating rink! Because when I think of bananas, I think of ice skating. 🙂

The rest of my time that day was spent walking back to the town proper, and relaxing during the afternoon. But it was an important relaxation time. I received a call and a job offer for a new store back in Sydney. This would be the turning point for my current travels, I now had employment! But it didn’t start for 5 more days, so I had a few more things I could do. Like, continue travelling just a little longer! And so I set about planning my next destination, further up the coast…I’d be heading to Byron Bay.

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