Crossing the Coathanger

Pictures don’t really make it look HUGE. Sure, it looks big, but I never felt they made it out to be the monstrosity that it is. I’m talking of course about the Sydney Harbour Bridge, aka the Coathanger. I set out on a grey morning to cross it and do some walking, but first I detoured and let the day warm up a bit. To give you an idea…

First stop was the Lake of Reflections and the ANZAC War Memorial.

The interior of the Memorial is covered with 120,000 golden stars – one for each of the 120,000 volunteers that the state of New South Wales sent overseas in World War I.

I also enjoyed lovely Hyde Park, with it’s fountain.

Continuing on, I made it to probably the second most prominent harbour in Sydney after Circular Quay, Darling Harbour.

The sun had come out and the day was looking great! Looking towards the main part of the downtown from across Darling Harbour.

I crossed back to the downtown and hiked up towards the Harbour Bridge, crossing Observatory Hill…names for it’s Observatory.

The hill also features a great view of the Bridge! Which I would be crossing shortly.

After a bit of searching and walking, I finally found the way up to the pedestrian path across the bridge.

The bridge is surprisingly massive as you cross it. It was, up until recently, the widest ‘large’ bridge in the world. Not the longest, but very wide. And with one of the best views in the world.

Getting to the other side, I started to explore parts the harbour across from the downtown. Which of course afforded great shots of the Bridge, Opera House and Circular Quay.

I kept walking and walking until some of the harbour started to get obscured.

I made it to my other highlight area, Creemore Point, a lovely little park that is quiet spot in a city of 4.5 million.

Many of these little suburbs were littered with boats and yachts – Sydney definitely is a water city.

I finished walking at another harbour, as the sun was setting.

Just in time for me to catch a ferry back to the downtown and enjoy the brilliant colours of evening.

Sydney is a very pretty city…

One thought on “Crossing the Coathanger

  1. Great pics and the weather looked beautiful that day. How many hours did your walk take?