Back to the Kitchen

With a fully stocked cupboard of my own spices, ingredients and lots of counter space, naturally I fell back to doing something I really enjoy doing for others…BAKING!

Yes, cookies. My becoming world-famous cookies. 😀 But I only did the beloved double-chocolate once – I branched out with other varieties this time. My work colleagues and Tam were my cookie-tasting guinea pigs. They didn’t seem to mind!

Good, old fashioned shortbread was made for around Christmas. I also did an oatmeal-raisin cookie for the first time, which turned out pretty well. Then I started moving to fancier items.

Cheesecake cupcakes (topped with strawberry once finished) were a big hit. For my final round of desserts, I made the same thing twice – Nanaimo Bars, a great Canadian treat. They were a big hit. Perhaps something I should sell when I get back to Sydney?

But one cannot subsist on desserts alone (though I try, oh how I try!).

I did attempt several new meals, including a tasty Thai Curry.

But I also made some favourites from my travels, like fancy toasted sandwiches.

And finally, I took on an old nemesis – Butter Chicken. Having failed at several attempts back in Canada, sometimes horribly, this round turned out great. Colour and texture were good, the taste was there too. I was very pleased with the results!

My culinary adventures weren’t just solo however. Though we ate out more often than not, Tam and I did have a few dinners we made in her kitchen. One weekend we took to making pizzas with a variety of delicious toppings! (Next two photos are Tam’s)

And Tam also made some delicious meals solo, including this pineapple curry…in a pineapple! I love pineapple! 😀

So I ate well during my time in Sydney. Not just out at the restaurants but at home as well! And I always had a helper during baking, who even wanted to come with me to work one day.

One thought on “Back to the Kitchen

  1. Pizza looks great. Curries are always a treat and can find oneself very stuffed at the end–cannot stop eating it.
    Nanaimo bars–one of the very best desserts going–may need to keep them very refrigerated in Sydney