Walking the Inner Harbour

One of the things I tried to do was to still get out and walk a bit on nice days. I partially succeeded. I’d often walk for my groceries (about an hour return), and I walked to work once (about 2 hours by foot). One day I decided to tackle a bit more of the inner Harbour area, more ‘upriver’ than Sydney and Drummoyne.

I took the ferry from Drummoyne to Cabarita and started my walk from there. It was another beautiful day in Sydney with high 20s and sunshine.

The walk wasn’t the most scenic of walks. Much of it was residential or simply normal waterfront. But there were a few interesting points along the way. One I found absolutely odd was this:

This is an actual car ferry, still in operation, as a means to get across the river. It’s the only car ferry left in Sydney because well, everyone else uses the numerous bridges/tunnels.

But not only is it an ancient little car ferry, this ferry is extra special. It’s a cable-driven ferry. Yes, there are a set of cables running across the river that the ferry is pulled back and forth via. Such an antiquitated style of locomotion. Pretty neat.

I continued walking and eventually met someone else…

Hard to spot at that distance, but yup, there is a little fox in there.

Beyond that the walk wasn’t too eventful. This isn’t a major tourist area, just something I put together one nice day. I even passed someĀ abandonedĀ industrial areas. There were quite a few of these surprisingly, so Sydney still has lots of river-front property to expand to if it really needs the land…

After crossing to the North Shore I wandered a bit further to Kissing Point, saw some fish and caught a ferry back to Drummoyne.

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