Celebrating Australia Day

Australia Day is Australia’s version of Canada Day…sort of. Australia didn’t gain independence on Australia Day (that instead happened January 1st, 1901), but it is the day that the First Fleet arrived in Botany Bay, beginning the European colonization of Australia. Still, it’s a big public holiday with lots of fireworks and celebrations. So Tam and I went around to take in some of the events.

We began with the Opera House and watching some boats and ferry races. Yes, they race the ferry boats here, and even dress them up. Then we wandered some parks, filled with festivals and food stalls. And since all of these places were filled with people, we decided to take a break from crowds and went and saw a movie instead (Wreck-It Ralph, lots of fun). We then returned to brave more crowds as we watched the tall ship parade in Darling Harbour.

Then we waited on the Pyrmont footbridge for the fireworks to begin. Australia Day fireworks are only beaten by New Years here, so it was to be an impressive display. The massive crowd that had formed at the bridge gates agreed. The bridge was opened to allow the tall ships passage into the inner harbour area, so large groups of people had formed in anticipation of the bridge closing and the footpath reopening. It’s one of the best vantage points for the fireworks.

Once the bridge closed and the gates started swinging open, the crowd surged forward. Pushing, shoving, running…pretty sad display all in all. Small kids and the like pretty much got run over. Tam and I did our best not go get trampled. We still ended up with a pretty good view, with much less fuss and at least we didn’t knock any kids over to get it (unlike some others I imagine). Either way, I know now to avoid that scenario in the future.

But enough of that, on with the fireworks! Yes, more fireworks pictures.

This display WAS a bit different than their usual fireworks, as music and an impressive light show was also incorporated.

The fireworks also seemed more multicoloured than usual!

Another fun night finished. Sydney really does love fireworks…:P

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