The Blue Mountains – National Pass

Our final hike in the Blue Mountains took Tam and I along what is known as the National Pass track, one filled with spectacular scenery, waterfalls and cliffs.

The morning hike started with clearing skies and a lovely lookout.

From there we started our descent to the actual ‘Pass’ portion. It involved several waterfalls once again.

Which gradually grew larger and larger until…

We had reached the beautiful Empress Falls.

From there we continued to follow water as it flowed down into the aptly named Valley of Waters.

Finally we had descended far enough that the track leveled out and we started into the heart of the National Pass.

The main section takes you along a track cut right into the side of high cliffs. Which sometimes also have waterfalls.

The scenery for this section was beautiful and ever changing.

Not only for the cliffs behind your back, but the views you can get from time to time when the trees below cleared.

Eventually we came to the final section of the track, involving climbing back up the cliffs to the top of this…Wentworth Falls.

First one must cross the falls though. During heavy rain, this part of the track becomes impassable. Not a problem today as the weather was sunny and pleasant.

After that there were stairs. Many stairs. Up and up we went. You can just make out a few other hikers far below.

Again, rewarded with great views of the Blue Mountains.

And the meager beginnings of Wentworth Falls. They don’t look so big here.

But behind where Tam I were standing, that water falls off those cliffs.

And finished! We climbed out of the final section of track to a beautiful lookout to those less physically inclined, and took in the beautiful sights.

The Blue Mountains had not disappointed. While they may not have the height of real mountains, they have a ton of great hikes and scenery to take in. Tam and I had a fantastic time exploring them on my last big weekend in Sydney. For I was off to Tasmania next, to do my rural work to get the right to stay another year in Australia. It would prove to be much different than I expected.

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